September 19, 2014

Finding Nemo

Even though its a small blog update update this week we made massive progress

The actual Great White Shark attacks are in and they look/sound pretty dam disturbing.
We really wanted to capture the horror of an attack, after watching tons of youtube videos of great whites biting things and taking some cue's from great slasher movies we very proud of how its turned out. Next week we wrap up the other species.

Along with the attacks we also managed to also get a great new damage system up and going.
Damage on sharks will be location specific so if you shoot it in the face you will see the tear up around the nose, a shoot to the gills will slice them up horrible.. This is a big improvement over the first shark attack where we only had 3 damage points (and they were random).

It doesn't end there (Like i said it was a big week), we added 7 types of reef fish  into the test level, got them all rigged up skinned and textured including a little clown fish so when you are not getting Murdered by sharks or shot up by your friends you could be finding Nemo.

That's it for this week, we have a Beerfest to go to!. Next week will be a big one as we start moving into crunch phase.


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