September 26, 2014

Great White death!

This week we carried on from where we left off last week with the new shark damage system, we implemented it for all the sharks in the game. The sharks now also visually react to a players shot by slashing there body back and forth, blood also seeps out of the sharks wounds for a short while making it easier for the player to know they have made a successful hit. We also made it that if a shark bites a player the players blood is visually shown around the sharks mouth this also allows other players to see that the shark made a successful attack on the player.

The above screenshot shows a dead Great White lying on the ocean floor, this is another new feature we added this week. The sharks now have their own "ragdoll" system which allows them to drift slowly to the ground on their death and correctly land on uneven surfaces, it looks great and is a huge upgrade on the old Xbox 360 version where they didn't animate at all on death, just floated for a few seconds and disappeared. The screenshot also shown the new player gloves Neil added.

We also managed to add a great new visual effect this week called Sub Surface Scattering, which allows sunlight to penetrate the surface of a translucent objects.

In this screenshot you can see the players flippers without the effect. The sun is behind the diver which is why the legs and flippers are dark.

This screenshot has the effect turned on, you can see what a massive difference it makes, it definitely adds to the realism. We have also implemented it for the Turtle and the Yellow Moray Eel.


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