September 12, 2014

Great Whites Ver 3.0

We close off this week with some big milestones under our belt. Our animation system is back up to speed with all the issues we were having with it all but gone and its much quicker to get new creatures into the game now. The sharks animations will be procedurally generated and take into account movements made in the environments ( so when sharp turns are made the tail reacts appropriately).

After rigging up the Tiger Sand Shark (Ragger Tooth) and with the new animation system we were completely blown away, its incredible to watch as it eerily moves through the test scene. We also tested out a new Shader for the shark skin and the results are also amazing. With the bar being raised on the Tiger Shark it led us into a rather annoying problem....the great whites we had done in the beginning of this next gen upgrade were good and we loved them but next to the Ragger Tooth they were not great ( pun intended). So i ended up reworking them completely (model, texture, skinning and rigging). Despite having tons of reference photos its extremely difficult to capture the balance between a fast agile shark and one which looks intimidating and scary in the game. I think i went through about 5 revisions before we nailed it completely. Its was a frustrating process and one we did not plan for, but man oh man does it look awesome now and i am so glad we did it.

Next week the biting morph targets will be added as well as the effects around when a attack takes place. We have some really cool ideas on how we can push the suspense and horror elements during shark encounters, i cant wait to see/hear how it turns out.


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