September 05, 2014

10 Ways to Skin a Shark

This week ended up being an extremely frustrating one, we made progress, but it was more like baby steps as opposed to the big leaps and strides we made throughout August .Every Monday morning Ed and I have a quick stand up meeting and plan out the weeks tasks get them down on a white board and use that to update our project tracking system in more detail (we use Pivotal Tracker). It might seem a bit overkill to for 2 guys to be using a tracking system but we have found that it keeps us motivated as we close off tasks, helps us get a better idea of the mountain of work we need to get through and is also a great place to track our bugs.

Ed had hoped to wrap up the Great White Shark Attacks this week but unfortunately we decided to move that out to next week. A major reason for this is that we need relook at our animation system.
It currently looks absolutely amazing but its very difficult to setup so making tweaks and adding new sharks means a lot of rework/work.We got some great idea's around and should allow us to surpass the old system.

I spent a large portion of the week setting up Bones and Skin Weights for the Tiger Sand Shark.
Turns out there are more ways to skin a shark than i thought, After watching some great tutorials i am a lot more comfortable with a technique called weight painting and weight blending. It really is powerful and now i am able to get great fleshy rolls and smooth bends around bones/joints that i wasn't quite nailing before.

So what did we manage to get done this week. We managed to optimise the lighting system we have in place and get it running back over the 100 FPS mark with no loss in visual quality. We got the Green Sea Turtles in this week along with our Leopard Eel. Both look incredible and add so much life to the scene. We also managed to knock off some annoying bugs and get the game back to a stable build.

Next we plough ahead with the new animation system, wrap up the shark attacks and add the Sand Tiger Shark to the game.


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