August 29, 2014

The Hunt

Another week done and dusted and the game is another step closer to its release. Shark Attack Deathmatch has now moved into a very dangerous development phase.Its at the stage of the project where things really start coming together. Every time you fire up the game to test a new feature or small tweak you end up staying on a little bit longer than you should, you end up swimming around really taking in everything in and taking stock as to how incredible the game is looking. Its a good problem to have.

This problem was pushed into overdrive with Great White Sharks with our new Hunt AI being added into the test level. Its incredibly difficult to breath life into digital creatures, they not only have move and animate realistically in their environment ( that's a given) but in order for it to really be believable and create the Awe/Horror moments there needs to be a sense that these creatures are thinking and reacting to to you and the world they are in .We really want our Sharks/Shark AI to raise the bar and capture the incredible beauty and the sheer terror that sharks can induce.

The devil is really in the detail and its something we pride ourselves on. The Sharks have animated gills that flex and relax as they move.The upper and lower jaws unhinge and the gums peel back over the jaw to expose bared teeth during bites. We even have sucker fish that latch onto the sharks.

Next week Shark development continues and we going to get stuck into a 1 week a polish and a performance pass. We still have a few months to go but its always good to fix annoying issues that have been floating around, and make sure the game is running optimally.


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