December 24, 2012

Shark Attack Deathmatch ver 1.2 Released!

We just started rolling out ver 1.2!

Here is the change-list:

Main Features
- New Map (really awesome design to this map, and great visuals)
- New Survival mode for the new map (includes a very different type of shark, you'll have to wait to see)
- Performance improvements (game runs better, much less dropped frames)
- Network code improvements for the Sharks (huge improvement in both speed and accuracy)
- Huge performance gains when blood is on screen (game doesn't stutter anymore)

Minor Updates
- we now hide the cross hair when swimming fast
- the timer will continue to countdown even if you the only person left in the session (provided you actually had at least one or more kills before everyone left)
- When searching for a session we now display 12 available sessions instead of 8 (you can also see which map the session is currently playing)

Bug Fixes
- in Survival mode the game crashed when levelling up
- Shark Attack music playing when sharks are turned off
- Sharks not syncing nicely over network sessions (which lead to sharks popping up out of nowhere and suddenly changing direction etc..)


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