December 31, 2012


This has been a record year for Lighthouse Games Studio, we smashed all our goals this year, we even managed to more than quadruple what we did last year!

We released 6 new Xbox games this year as well as a Windows Phone game.
We also released 6 free Xbox game updates which included more features and maps to our games.
All our games have been in the top selling list this year, and we end off the year with both Avatar Deathmatch and Shark Attack Deathmatch in the Top 10 in both UK and USA.

Our Xbox games also hit 2 000 000 downloads a few days ago.

A few other achievement this year:

We hope you enjoyed 2012 as much as we did, we look forward to 2013 and have some amazing games lined up! 

The Lighthouse Games Studio team,
Creating the unexpected!


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