August 15, 2014

Weapons for the Beta are now Complete

We have reached a pretty big development milestone, Our weapons and pick-ups are complete!
For the last few weeks a primary area of our focus has been on getting a whole bunch of new weapons into the game. In the first Shark Attack Deathmatch we only had 3 weapons (the spear gun, a knife and a flash bangs. There were no specific animations for shooting and reloads were simply dropping the gun out off screen and bringing them back up with a new spear. Things have changed massively.

For this next gen version we really wanted to stretch ourselves. Each weapon has specific animations for reloads and secondary animations when shots are fired. A major challenge was making sure that the new weapons we created would still feel like they belong underwater and could functionally work. Another challenge was making sure that each weapon sounded great and again we needed it to sound believable (sound like it was fired underwater). Another huge area of focus was on some pretty insane effects, bullets and spears cut through the water leaving trails or distort the water. God-Rays burst from explosions, shake cameras, light up player goggles and send out a massive water ripple knocking players back. It looks awesome!

This is the weapon list for the first Beta
  • Diving Hunting Knife
  • Spear gun
  • Rapid Fire Spear gun
  • Under Water Grenade Launcher (kind of like a shotgun)
  • Trigger Explosives
  • Flash Bangs


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