August 08, 2014

Explosive Week

We picked up from where we left off from last week and continued pushing ahead with the weapons and pick ups. Ed is raising the bar with some awesome effects on the Flash bangs and Trigger Grenades, I hate to use puns but its really going to blow peoples minds when they see it.
I have one more weapon to wrap up, the modelling is pretty much done so its just texturing and loading/hand animations.

We are still on track to have all the weapons signed off by next week Friday despite a massive distraction...our Oculus DK2 kit arrived!!!. The DK2 is a massive improvement over the last headset, they have done a great job eliminating that nauseas feeling with the higher res screen, positional tracking and more responsive head tracking. We going to setup a game dev jam over a weekend and will really get to play with it properly. Once we wrap up Shark Attack we will definitely look at integrating a VR Game mode for the game.

Next week we will reveal the full weapon listing and details about each but until then here is a pic of the new headset. 


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