July 25, 2014

Shark Attack Deathmatch Next Gen progress!

Back in March we submitted Shark Attack Deathmatch for Greenlight on Steam, we were amazed by the response and the fact that it took just under around 4 weeks to get Greenlit with almost 20 000 people saying they would buy the game! Since then development of the Next Gen Shark Attack Deathmatch has been progressing nicely. 

This weeks 
main focus was adding a new weapon into the game as well as some intense blood effects.
We working hard to get a beta build ready to launch on Steam Early Access possibly by September for player feedback before we launch officially.

The new weapon is a Spear Gun that can fire projectiles a little fast than the standard gun that players are used too. Here is a quick preview render of the RFS (Rapid Fire Speargun)


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