November 29, 2012

Shark Attack Deathmatch ver 1.1 released

by now version 1.1 should be live everywhere... here is the official list of changes:

  • updated physics engine (bug fixes, memory issues)
  • knife - when you hold the knife button down and let it go it now counts as another attack (before only the initial slash did)
  • pressing X reloads the speargun
  • screensaver - new in-game menu screen
  • screensaver - can turn on/off the music now
  • screensaver - can turn on/off the clock display
  • bug fix - Some players had a Null exception when leveling up
  • bug fix - now resets the speargun ammo when restarting survival mode
  • bug fix - gun is not bloody anymore when re-spawning after just knifing a shark or player
  • bug fix - Survival Mode - Shark Kill count is reset when starting new round (if you survived 10 min)
  • bug fix - If you accepted an invite to a game whilst in the Network menu the Game Menu would still display whilst playing the game
  • improvements - join session speed improvements
  • improvements - overall less network traffic (better over slower connections)
  • improvements - The game loads up faster (by about 6 seconds)
  • gameplay changes - players swim slightly faster now
  • gameplay changes - oxygen doesn't burn up as quick when speed swimming
  • gameplay changes - speargun reloads quicker now
  • gameplay changes - spearguns spear travels faster now
  • gameplay changes - hitboxes for divers and sharks have been increased slightly
  • gameplay changes - sharks cause slightly less damage on attack (but still just as deadly, but attacks last a little longer now)
  • gameplay changes - aiming has been tightened up a little
  • multilpe maps - all the changes to support multiple maps have been included in this build as well (ready for ver 1.2)


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