August 27, 2012

Comedy Night ver 1.2

Comedy Night version 1.2 is ready to be submitted to Microsoft, here is the change list:
  1. Reduced the game loading time from 20 seconds to just 10 seconds
  2. Fix bug where you were kicked out of a session saying "Session is full"
  3. Halved the volume of the buzzer and kicked off stage sfx
  4. Fixed the volume of some of the crowd sfx playing really loud
  5. Fixed issue where some of the crowd sfx weren't playing all the time
  6. The performers head movement doesn't flick around so much over slow connections
  7. The Blue Screen is now black and displays much more detailed information about the error
  8. The Host in a Professional Rooms will be able to kick any player
  9. Add a single mic stage
    1. Professional Rooms are single mic stage with no voting
    2. Amateur Rooms have 2 mics and voting enabled
  10. You have to wait 8 seconds now before going back up on stage to prevent people from hoping off & on to avoid votes
  11. You can now only vote once every 45 seconds to prevent voting abuse
  12. You can now invite everyone of your friends that are online into the game with one button press


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