August 09, 2012

Android vs Windows Phone 7

So after releasing an identical game "1 Second Game" on both Windows Phone 7 and Android we have this to report back on:

Windows Phone 7 has a "New Games" list and Android does not appear to have the equivalent of that, so we managed to get a lot more downloads on WP7 marketplace compared to the much larger Android marketplace, purely on the fact that you are buried by Androids marketplace and not given any visibility on launch. +1 To Microsoft!

Windows Phone stats:

Androids Stats:

So 263 downloads vs 2118 downloads on WP7.

In both cases the only bit of advertisement we did was a link on Reddit in both the Android & WP7 categories (which seemed to boost the numbers by about 120 installs on android and probably half that on WP7)

In terms of revenue generated, both version of Ad Based, on WP7 we have generated just over £ 5 and on Android just over $ 1.


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