April 27, 2012

Avatar Deathmatch v1.2 (New Weapon) Now LIVE!

Today version 1.2 of Avatar Deathmatch was released, you will be prompted with the free update next time you launch the game (if you haven't already downloaded it).

Here is a list of changes:

New Weapon
- Crossbow (long range weapon with scope)

New Feature
- when you get knocked out it now tells you who shot you and with what weapon

Bug Fixes
- fixed glitches where players were able to get inside of buildings
- guns no longer get cut off when standing next to walls
- fixed wrong sfx playing when standing near an enemy who is shooting with an Uzi
- fixed knocked down players occasional "twitching" when on the floor
- other miner bug fixes & performance improvements

Don't forget to checkout the forums where you can request new features!


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