October 14, 2011

Torchbear - New Social Location Based Game

We have successfully launched our new location based social network game called Torchbear as a Free APP

What is torchbear ?
Torchbear is a social location based game where players from all over the globe participate in the World's BIGGEST RELAY RACE.

Similar to how the Olympic flame is passed from one person to another to spread the message of peace, unity and friendship Torchbear works in the same manner.
Each player gets to create a torch that has a specific purpose or goal before its passed on to start its journey around the world.
As the torch is passed from one player to the next other players get to contributes to the torch mission by posting comments, adding photos or by passing it on.

1. Create a torch on your phone
2. Give it a mission or goal
3. Find another player near you and exchange torches
4. Post pics or comment on each others torch then pass it onto someone else
5. Track all posts made to your torch, see where its been and whose path its crossed.

Check out the video to get a better idea


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