November 18, 2010

Updated Dashboard Sales Stats

Below is the percentage of what our games were getting compared to Octobers daily sales & downloads. We only comparing games that have been out more than 2 months and were not featured in any way in October.

So in November Fireplace had 56.44% (almost half) of the daily sales it used to get in October and only 38.51% (just over a 1/3rd) of what it used to get in Downloads per day.

So anything close to 100% or more would be ideal. (Red is bad, green is good)

The only game that did better was Super Tricky, and this is probably because when it was originally released the dashboard was "stuck" and it was quickly buried on the New Arrival list.
So I assume now that it was in the Top 50 list for Sports games it's managed to sell and get more downloads than before.

I'll keep updating this doc daily until the end of the month.


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