July 20, 2013

Greed City ver 1.1.9 with Cards has been released.

We've launched Phase 2 (ver 1.1.9) of Greed City which now includes the Game Cards! 

Grab the latest version here, it's a free game without any adverts.

Below you can see one of the Attack cards, we have 3 different packs of cards in the game, Attack, Defence, and Reward cards. Players unlock the choice of card after every 50 check-ins. Attack cards can only be played on businesses that you do not own, and Defence & Reward cards can only be played on your own businesses.
You are limited to playing only 1 type of card at a time on a single businesses. Each card has a length of time they are in play for, this can be seen in the bottom left of the card (4 days in the card show below).
There are 5 different ranked cards from 1 start up to 5 stars, they are ranked by it's value, so a 5 star card might destroy 100% stock whilst a 1 star card only does 10% damage.

We have also updated the icon to a more game like icon as seen above. We felt that the previous icon wasn't attracting enough new players to the game as it looked more like a Financial app than a game.
Since the update we have seen just under 500% growth in downloads so it seems to have worked.


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