September 21, 2016

Another example of the broken Windows 10 store

Here is another example of how terrible the Windows 10 store actually is.

In this screenshot you can see that the Top Paid game (under the Platformer category) is "Ori and the Blind Forest" (published by Microsoft Studios), it has a perfect rating of 5 stars with 69 ratings.

Now lets take a look at the Best-Rated charts:

Here you can see that "Ori and the Blind Forest" doesn't even make the list, yet Croc's World 3 is one of the only 2 games shown and it has just 16 ratings with an average of 4 stars.

So as a consumer you would be left thinking that those 2 games are the only 2 Platformer games in the store, or you would think they are at least the 2 best games, when they obviously aren't.

This hurts both the consumer the developers and Microsoft.


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