November 08, 2015

The Broken Windows 10 Store

On November 3rd we released a small Family & Kids game called Tod the Talking Toad to Windows 10, it's a pretty simple 3D game that we used mainly to test the waters of Windows 10 to see what is actually required to submit a game and how well it does compared to other markets.

According to Microsoft email we received when the game passed certification it would take 16 hours for the game to be visible to all of our customers.

It's now the 8th November and we are yet to show up in any list that we can find on the store. Currently the only way to find our game is via the Search feature. Our game is classified as a Family & Kids game and it's free.

So lets take a look at the store, here we have selected Games Family & Kids - Top Free 
It returns around 380 games, our game does not show up in this list:

Next we select Best-rated, now you would expect the same list to be shown again, only this time it will be sorted by the best rated games first to the worst games last. Yet this is the result below, only 5 games show:

Finally we select New and risingsurely this is where we will see our game, as it is a new game to the store. Nope, we didn't even make this list (And I've been checking it each day for the last 6 days since launch, not once did we show up). I am unable to verify if any of these "New and rising" games are actually new as Microsoft amazingly does not include any release date in the game details page.

So why is this the case? Lets see what Microsoft support has to say... the bold text below is my query, and the normal font is Microsoft Support response (not exactly helpful in any way):

So for some reason, Microsoft do not show ALL available games in their store (according to their own support it's limited per category and chart). Something that seems impossible to believe considering it's a virtual store, it's not like they are limited by shelf space. So why then are they not including all games? Why is it that you have to specifically search for the game in order to find it? 

So until my game Tod the Talking Toad actually gets included in any of the lists above I will not bother submitting to the Windows 10 store again.


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